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Rutland Puff Back Cleanup

Have you suffered a furnace puff back in your Rutland or Bennington County home or business? If so, KPM Restoration will arrive quickly at your property to clean up the soot and smoke damage. We service Rutland, Bennington, Poultney, Manchester, and the surrounding Vermont area.

What is a puff back?

A puff back happens when an oil burner doesn’t ignite immediately, and as a result, fumes build up within the furnace. The excessive fumes lead to an explosion inside the burner chamber, which then vaporizes and expels oily soot onto walls, baseboards, furniture, windows, and floors. Old furnaces are usually more at risk for puff backs.

A puff back can occur in one of two ways. The first is a single large puff back, which sends soot and debris throughout your home. The second is smaller but chronic puff backs. Each ignition sends a small amount of soot through the heating system, and over time soot will slowly accumulate and get expelled through your property.

Large puff backs often require an intensive cleanup and restoration in addition to repairs to your furnace.

Why are puff backs dangerous?

A large puff back explosion can cover your home in toxic soot. Soot is ugly and difficult to clean up, but it can also cause health issues due to the chemicals in oil. Respiratory problems are one of the common health effects that may affect you and your family. Soot can also permanently damage valuable possessions and parts of your home. Puff backs can also damage your furnace and cause your home to lose heat.

What to do when a puff back occurs?

If a furnace puff back happens on your property, it is essential to call a reputable fire and smoke restoration company right away. A full-service restoration company, like KPM Restoration, will be able to clean and repair your furnace, along with cleaning up the soot that was released into your home.

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